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Principal's Message

Thurgood Marshall Learning Center (TMLC) is the referral school for the Rock Island Milan School district.  It serves approximately 130 students in grades 7 - 12 in an alternative school setting.  In order to best meet the needs of these students and to ensure their success, the Thurgood Marshall staff employs a variety of initiatives and techniques to provide a safe and supportive environment for all students. 


The TMLC framework encompasses policies and practices under the two main components of Respect and Resiliency.  The Respect component includes academic supports, college and career readiness, and health supports.  The Resiliency component includes resiliency education supports, nutritional supports, and safe area supports.  These key areas are intended to provide a holistic and trauma sensitive approach to the challenges students face and provide the essential infrastructure to allow students to achieve success at school and in the future.


The TMLC story is one that has evolved over the past ten years and has required a great deal of research, professional development, and commitment by the entire school staff.  TMLC targets measurable outcomes such as academic gains in reading and math, reduced discipline activity and time out of class, and increased graduation rate as evidence of success.  In addition to achievements in the classroom, a  record number of students graduated in 2018.


The dedicated TMLC team has transformed the school into a true learning center, a safe haven where students feel respected and validated.  However, the work is ongoing and the focus on providing a caring and supportive environment continues to grow and develop each year.  To achieve desired outcomes, the team will continue to anticipate and be responsive to the ever-changing nature of the challenges the TMLC students face.  Success will be achieved once students graduate and pursue their individual postsecondary goals.


-Mr. Philip Ambrose, Principal